Did you know?

Sides, Inc.

UI/UX Design, 2016

Sides is a simple utility that brings together like-minded people through various interests, such as sports, business, technology, and more. The iOS application contains features such as user & group profiles, event creation, and various user to user interactions. Working on this project provided the opportunity to explore my full potential as I took the product from fundamental concept to high fidelity wireframes and functional prototype.

With Gen Z being the target market of Sides, my objective was to build a smooth, delightful experience that is both highly engaging and intuitively gesture based. I commenced the design process with post-it brainstorms and sketches of initial lo-fi wireframes and user flows. I immediately focused my attention on the event discovery component, which was the core foundation that I would build the rest of the user experience around.

I used Sketch and Sketch Mirror for the creation of the high fidelity wireframes, and Zeplin to export assets. I delivered most documentation through both Zeplin and Trello, and initial prototypes using Invision. This helped the team visualize the general user experience. For more detailed, intricate animations and tranistions, I used the prototyping tool, Principle.